Myanmar Coffee and the War

High up in the mountains of Myanmar, heading northeast towards Naga, is a story of hope and a story of perseverance. 

But it has been a really hard year.

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Trading Opium Poppies for Coffee Trees

For impoverished farmers in Myanmar, growing poppies for heroin is about 17 times more lucrative than growing rice.   But to do it comes at a high cost.   Many farmers are forced to compromise the safety of their village and the wellbeing of their families by growing poppies for the drug trade.    Growing opium and addiction to opium go hand in hand. The added stress of addiction has caused decades of generational trauma, mental and physical abuse, and unpredictable violence.   But three years ago, Lighthouse Coffee offered some farmers a fair and living wage to grow specialty coffee instead....

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Value Your Mom Understands

Your mom cares about ethics and fairness.

We go beyond "fair" with our direct trade model. We pay above market value for the harvest, eliminate the middle people, and put money directly into the hands of the farmers.

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One Coffee Farmer's Story of Hope

Most people who drink coffee don’t understand the struggle that many coffee farmers face. Here in Myanmar, there are too many stories of exploitation, tragedy, and waste. But I want to tell you a story of hope and triumph.
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Coffee is a Comin'

We have some exciting news to share.

On Sept 7, the same day Myanmar declared a state of civil war, Isaiah and his coffee production team got this year’s harvest of green coffee onto a ship heading for Vancouver.

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