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You probably heard about the civil war in Myanmar, the country where we source our coffee. It’s very sad to hear stories from our friends there whose hopes have been dashed. Add to this the harsh realities of COVID in that environment, with so many of our friends suffering from the virus.

Despite all these hardships, our key partner in Myanmar, Isaiah, and his team of workers, somehow managed to grow, harvest, and process another amazing crop of coffee cherries. As the time was rapidly approaching to prepare another major shipment to North America, the country was crumbling into civil war. It would have been heart-breaking for Isaiah if he was not able to export their coffee.

Friends, it was nothing short of a miracle. On September 7, the same day that Myanmar declared civil war, Isaiah put this year’s harvest of green coffee onto a ship headed for Vancouver!

So, let’s celebrate with them. Take a moment to sing a song, crack a smile, or offer a prayer of thanksgiving!

It was a huge harvest. This means we can roast and sell the coffee, and we can create our largest ever community development fund.

Will you help us?

If everyone who has ever purchased a bag of Lighthouse Coffee would do it again, we’d be well on our way. What if everyone bought two bags?

We are not slowing down. We continue to believe in this redemptive venture called Lighthouse Coffee Roasters. This fall, with some refreshing new branding and some great new promotions, we are ready to take the next step.

Look for the latest from Lighthouse beginning Black Friday, November 26, 2021.

Written by Sam Dick

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