Our vision is to use coffee as a catalyst for community development in coffee growing villages around the globe.

Those who drink our coffee and those who grow it matter. We all benefit from relationship done well. 

Our direct trade model helps maximize the profits for farmers. Through long-standing relationships with local farmers we help to expand their growing potential and support holistic development in their communities.

Check out our partners in Myanmar, they rock!

Hands picking coffee


We import high-quality green coffee and roast it in a way that showcases its unique flavors.

For now, we toll roast. Which means that we partner with a professional roaster in Vancouver, BC. We roast coffee in small batches, and then sell it to you so you can brew amazing specialty coffee and enjoy it.

We endeavor to involve as many people as possible in the story.

green beans for roasting


People and places matter to us, whether the farmers who grow the coffee, their families and villages, or the people who drink the roasted coffee; their towns and cities, the places where they live, work and play.

We believe in pursuing excellence not only in sourcing and roasting high-quality specialty coffee, but also in every relationship along the way.

We practice generosity in our business and in our personal lives. We give and keep on giving for the betterment of others.

We value diversity and equal opportunity for anyone regardless of gender, position, race or religion.


Pouring coffee

Cafes: Taste and Buy bags


Langley, BC

Gorgeous space, intentional hospitality, and the food!! Taste amazing espresso based drinks, drip coffee & Purchase all our whole bean coffee bags.


Abbotsford, BC

Little sprouts, big flavour: always healthy and fresh. Taste espresso drinks and drip coffee & Purchase all our whole bean coffee bags.


Quesnel, BC

A unique experience: a laundromat and cute cafe. Taste creative espresso drinks and drip coffee & Purchase all our whole bean coffee bags.

Stores: buy bags


Abbotsford, BC

Ten Thousand Villages

Abbotsford, BC

Dead Wood Junction

Greenwood, BC

PARTNERS: serving the good stuff


Vancouver, BC

We have partnered with PCC since the beginning - we love their commitment to GIVE BACK! They have been serving crazy good food to the finest companies in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 2006 


Abbotsford, BC

Drink free fresh roasted specialty coffee, while shopping for a car. The uber qualified team at Abby VW will take care of all your car buying needs well beyond the purchase of your car. Go visit today!


Chilliwack, BC

How good is it when your accountant is a customer? If you are looking for amazing accounting services and a coffee to match, call Jason today.

Columbia Bible College

Abbotsford, BC

This student lounge makes everyone want to be a student. Coffee and community!! We love how they understand what it means to source coffee on a mission.

Sunny Mayne Bakery & Cafe

Mayne, Island

Shem has been selling our bags ever since we started at Mayne Island Market. If you are on the island you've got to go see them. Two words: CHICKEN AND WAFFLES.

Canadian Institute of Linguistics

Langley, BC

This staff lounge is amazingly stocked with the best gear: pour overs, grinders, moccamaster, and more. It's an honour to see brewed with such class.

Want to be a part of the story?

If you are interested in becoming a stocklist partner and offering our amazing coffee to your customers, please get in touch with us. We would love to discuss how we can work together to provide the best coffee experience to your customers.

Call us: 604.866.1033

Email: coffee@lighthousecoffeeroasters.ca