Value Your Mom Understands

Your mom cares about ethics and fairness.

We go beyond "fair" with our direct trade model. We pay above market value for the harvest, eliminate the middle people, and put money directly into the hands of the farmers.

Your mom knows you get what you pay for.

Our coffee is priced higher than grocery store large brand coffee. But it is roasted fresh weekly in small batches by a professional roaster in Vancouver, and shipped right to your door.

Your mom appreciates options.

We have two roasts, and we do them right. Not too light and not too dark. Daymark is perfectly subtle and juicy with hints of tropical fruit. Eclipse is very smooth with a coco finish.

Your mom is super special.

Our coffee has a cupping score of 84. This high grade raises it into the "specialty coffee" standard and competes in flavour with the some of the best coffees in the world. "Who cares," you say? Your mom does.

Your mom is concerned about the environment.

Grown in the shade of old growth forest, our coffee is harvested and sorted by hand, without the use of chemicals. Our farmers care about the future of their land as much as your mom desires to leave the planet in better shape for her family.

Your mom cares for families.

Our Coffee Mountain team employs over 35 people with many mouths to feed. We believe this gainful employment fed as many as 1000 people in 2021 in the community.

Your mom hopes for a better future.

This Mothers Day we're giving $3/bag into a community development fund.


Buy mom some coffee value now!

 Even if she doesn't drink coffee. She'll give it away to someone who does.

Love Coffee. Love Mom More.

Written by Sam Dick

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