Coffee Farmer in Myanmar

For impoverished farmers in Myanmar, growing poppies for heroin is about 17 times more lucrative than growing rice.


But to do it comes at a high cost.


Many farmers are forced to compromise the safety of their village and the wellbeing of their families by growing poppies for the drug trade. 


Growing opium and addiction to opium go hand in hand. The added stress of addiction has caused decades of generational trauma, mental and physical abuse, and unpredictable violence.


But three years ago, Lighthouse Coffee offered some farmers a fair and living wage to grow specialty coffee instead. They gladly accepted the offer!


Currently, we partner with over 100 families in the mountains of Nga Kone bordering Rakhine State. The option to feed their kids and partake in community growth is possible, because these farmers can sell coffee crops in place of opium.


Everyone who buys and drinks Lighthouse Coffee is a big part of this story.


Join us. 


You too can be a part of this initiative to offer dignity and hope to farmers in Myanmar. With every bag you purchase, we put money directly into their hands.


Order your coffee today!  Buy Coffee!


Fill your cup with the taste of hope!

Written by Isha S

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