Coffee Mountain Gets A Nurse

My name is Zar Zar. My dream of becoming a certified nurse has just become reality.
I was first introduced to Lighthouse Coffee through Saya Zayar and it did not take long for me to become part of the team.
I had always been interested in medical work and had been volunteering at a clinic in my hometown for three years before joining the Lighthouse Coffee team. The clinic itself was a reflection of our whole area: run down and in poor condition.  I was asked to do things for which I had little knowledge because I had never had the chance to attend proper training. But I loved my work there.
So far, in the area around our coffee mountain there is no clinic or professional nurse. Seeing the physical needs of the people there and their lack of medical assistance strengthened my desire to become a professional nurse.
I was beyond excited, when I was told I would be sent to nursing school and financially supported by the Lighthouse Coffee Community Development Fund.  For the past few months, I have been able to study at a nursing school  in Yangon and to complete a practical training phase. Now I am a professional nurse, ready to go and help wherever I am most needed. My first stop will be the Lighthouse Coffee mountain.
Thank you for making this happen.  Please pray for health and wisdom for me, as I start this new job and that I would be able to support my family through it.
Zar Zar

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