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Decaf coffee drinkers are the real coffee connoisseurs. They drink for the flavour not the buzz. If taste matters to you, with think you are going to love our Colombia Decaf. Enjoy it all day, and all NIGHT!

This is Swiss Water Small Batch Series of limited offerings that features hyper-seasonal, highly traceable, and really tasty coffees.

  • REGION: Colombia
  • HARVEST SEASON: April-July, October-January
  • PROCESS: Fully Washed & Dried on Parabolic Raised Beds
  • CAFFEINE REMOVAL: Swiss Water® Process
  • TASTING NOTES: Cola, Black Cherry, & Dark Chocolate

Brew it drip filter or espresso. 



The product of incredible work by a team of women in La Plata, Las Rosas is both an agronomic and sociological success story. Formed in 2010 to fight for fair treatment and access to credit that had been previously denied women, Las Rosas today is a group of 350 powerful women farmers producing quality coffee while continuing to elevate gender equity and financial independence for women in the region.

Centered on family prosperity, Las Rosas has worked hard against traditional chauvinistic values to persuade its communities of the value of women as pillars of household financial stability. Using this hard-won autonomy, the smallholder farming women of Las Rosas have made improvements in coffee production (tree planting, installing parabolic drying beds), technical training, and established a credit fund for the members to use as working capital. The group now produces nearly 1,400 bags of coffee per year of its quality coffees, made primarily of Caturra and Castillo varieties grown at the coffee-friendly high elevations Huila is renowned for.