Daymark | Myanmar

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Single Origin: Myanmar

Roast: Light

Daymark is bright and juicy. We taste hints of tropical fruit and coconut. What will you taste?
It shines particularly in pour-overs and presses. 
Roasted to order in small batches every Tues/Weds! 
  • Region: Myanmar’s Magway state, bordering Rakhine State
  • Producers: 70 smallholder farmers
  • Farming Community: Acho Chin People
  • Direct Trade from farmer to us! No intermediary.
  • Elevation: Over 1,200masl
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest: 2023
  • Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruit and Coconut.
 ** Daymark: refers to those, often diagonal, lines visible on the outside of lighthouses, used as a navigational aid for sailors and pilots, distinctively marked to maximize its visibility in daylight. We loved the we nabbed it.